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Right now, prices are the lowest of the season at Hydro Adventures! This means now is the perfect time to get off the couch and into some fun. Right now, you can save over 30% on waterpark admission for just $14.99 a person. If staying out of the heat and playing indoors is more your speed, then check out our Indoor Fun Pass – Get 2 games of laser tag, 1 round of mini bowling and a $5 arcade game card for just $12. Adventures are calling, are you going to answer?

Not only is our waterpark admission the lowest of the season but you can save even more during our Pool Days! Come swim with us for only $9.99 on weekdays from August 12 to 23. This deal includes the wave pool and Splish Splash Bay, making it easy to just keep swimming. Splish Splash Bay is the spot where the water is shallow, but the adventures are endless. This area is perfect for the youngsters. Watch as the bucket slowly fills and spills over the entire play area.

Our Indoor Fun Pass is the perfect way to play and save indoors. This ticket includes two games of laser tag, 1 round of mini bowling and a $5 arcade game card. Battle your friends in a laser tag arena filled with pillars and walls. Keep your eyes peeled and feet moving as you fight to bring your team to victory. Our Mini Bowling gives you all the fun of a bowling alley without having to take off your shoes. It’s the sane great game you know and love, but made smaller so the younger children can enjoy the game with the family. Our Mega Arcade is filled with exciting and classic adventures. Check out some off your favorite apps in arcade form, including Fruit Ninja and Candy Crush!

At Hydro Adventures, we work hard to make it easy to save money and have fun! With our prices the lowest they’ve ever been, now is the time to get the family together and save while doing it! We can’t wait to see you.