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55-Foot High Steel Rollercoaster to be Centerpiece of Dramatic Hydro Adventures Overhaul
Upgrades and addition of new attractions in all areas of park over last 3 years has made Hydro Adventures “2 parks in 1” – a must visit Missouri destination

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.—June 22, 2016—Residents and visitors who haven’t visited Hydro Adventures since it was purchased in 2014 by United Parks might not recognize the place now – and the biggest changes to date recently arrived for the 2016 season. The centerpiece of the leading national amusement park operator’s 2016 upgrades is the addition of a 55-foot high, 1,700-foot long Galaxy 500 steel rollercoaster, scheduled to open July 4 weekend.

The rollercoaster’s addition aligns with Hydro Adventures’ desire to transform the park into “two parks in one” – a water park that also features outstanding dry attractions to compete with and surpass the region’s traditional amusement parks. The concept is central to Hydro Adventures’ blueprint for long-term success, says Jack Falfas, CEO of United Parks and a 40-year amusement park industry veteran.

“Not only does the ‘two parks in one’ concept attract a broader customer base, it also extends Hydro Adventures’ season into the fall, when the weather may still be warm enough to attract visitors to our ‘dry’ attractions,” Falfas said. “We also believe the rollercoaster and our other existing and planned attractions will enhance our ability to attract young adults and adults.”

In addition to the rollercoaster, also new for the 2016 season is the installation of a “Scrambler” ride, along with the refurbishment of the Hydro Adventures Midway, which doubled in square footage and added new children’s rides and games. Another 2016 addition is the “Beach Bar”, which significantly enhances the park’s food and beverage options.

United Parks, which also operates Daytona Lagoon in Daytona Beach, Fla. and will soon assume operations of Rye Playland in Westchester County, N.Y., has performed a complete overhaul of Hydro Adventures since taking ownership in April 2014. Nearly every facet of the park has been updated, and new water attractions like the “Twisted 6” mat racer, and dry attractions that include new batting cages, go karts, a mini golf course, children’s coaster, tea cup ride, and Tilt-a-Whirl, have brought the park back to life.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish at Hydro Adventures in only two years of ownership,” Falfas said. “We’ve already turned a formerly dying park into the best in the region, and our commitment to constant improvement and maintenance will ensure that Hydro Adventures remains a must-visit destination for many years to come.”

About United Parks
United Parks is focused on opportunities in the amusement park, water park, and entertainment industries. CEO Jack Falfas leads a senior management team that brings more than 100 years of operating experience. United Parks is an indirect subsidiary of Purchase Capital, an investment firm led by Nicholas J. Singer that provides patient capital for private and public companies with significant potential for long-term value creation.