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The weather is changing and we are ready for fall fun! There are tons of ways to get in the spirit of
autumn with your friends and family around. Here are four fun ways to enjoy the changing weather and
spend time with family.
Pumpkin Patch
Visiting a pumpkin patch is the perfect way to enjoy the leaves falling and create happy memories. Avoid
the crowds and visit after Halloween. Let your little ones run up and down the patch and choose their
favorite pumpkin. Once they have their favorites picked out, take the pumpkins home and decorate
them with stickers and paint to avoid a mess!
Corn Maze
The best part of fall is the cooler weather. Find outdoor activities, like a corn maze, for your next family
outing. A corn maze can be a great bonding experience as the family works together to find their way
out! Often, corn mazes become “haunted” at night, making the event perfect for older kids.
Visit Hydro Adventures
When the weather gets a little cooler, come inside for a family trip to Hydro Adventures. We have a
mega arcade, laser tag, mini bowling and more! There are tons of ways to play and save for the entire
family, young and old. When you visit on Fridays, you can get a pizza, 4 drinks and 4 games of laser tag
for just $21.95 during our Friday Family Night!
Bake Festive Treats
If you’re looking for a fun fall activity without leaving the house, grab a pack of fall cookies and get to
baking! Whether you cook cookies straight from the box, or you take a more homemade approach, your
family will love spending time with you in the kitchen. Even the cleanup can be fun! Lick the extra batter
off the spoon and work together to get all the dishes done.

We hope to see you soon at Hydro Adventures with the family during the fall season. Be sure to check
our website and social media for exciting specials and discounts!